Wingsuiting deaths prompt call for sport to be legalised in Australia

Originally published on the ABC Online BASE jumping and wingsuiting should be legalised in Australia to reduce the number of fatalities in the sports, the president of Australia’s biggest BASE jumping association has said. Advertisements

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Violence and Video Games – Part 3

In the last two posts in this series, we’ve found a couple of things – firstly, that there’s no research to suggest that violent video games cause violent behaviour, and secondly, but that there are a number of other factors that can – including poor education and nutrition. So what to do? Clearly despite the […]

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Violence and Video Games – Part 2

In the first of these posts, we found that there was no research that suggested a direct causal link between violent video games and violent behaviour or crime. Despite this, in many cases the media still doesn’t hesitate to point the finger of blame for violent youth crime at video games – so in this […]

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Violence and Video Games – Part 1

Last night, Grand Theft Auto V’s online mode went live. It means that everything you could do in the city of Los Santos you can now do with friends online. Anything from having a street race to buying some guns and taking potshots at civilians to see how long you can avoid being killed by […]

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Malcolm Turnbull’s response to NBN petition

Ever since the Coalition won the election here in Australia recently, there has been much outcry at the fact that the previous Government’s NBN internet plan has been shafted. Advertisements

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Mixed reactions to Coalition’s short-lived internet filter policy

There have been mixed reactions to the quiet introduction and subsequent withdrawal of the Coalition’s policy to implement mandatory opt-out internet filtering.  Advertisements

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Google Glass and Privacy

A man is walking down the street. He’s lost, so with a single voice command, he activates up a semi-transparent map on a tiny screen that sits just over his right eye. On this screen, he can see a map of the area from his perspective, with a bright red path superimposed over the top, […]

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